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Haefner Trumpet Mouthpiece Endorsements:

The following endorsements are direct quotes from professional players who have purchased Haefner trumpet mouthpieces.

"The Haefner Signature is by far the best mouthpiece I have ever played.  At a stroke it has significantly improved my sound, range, and intonation, and has greatly enhanced my general playing.  The mouthpiece has the engineering precision that one has come to expect from GR, together with the musical requirements of the symphonic player.  Congratulations for developing such a superb mouthpiece."  Andrew Lynn, Assistant Principal Trumpet of the Orchestra of Scottish Opera(31 January 2002)


"Your new 1HX mouthpiece is incredible!   For years I've been looking for an EFFICIENT large and deep orchestral mouthpiece.   The 1HX has a big powerful sound but doesn't tire me out like many other large mouthpieces.  I have more control over the sound at the extreme dynamics - both fff and ppp.  The rim is very comfortable yet provides clean articulation.  I used to have different mouthpieces for Bb, C, D, Eb, E, F, and G trumpets.  Now I only need one - the 1HX works really well on all of them!!!"  John Urness, Principal Trumpet, State of Mexico Symphony Orchestra, Toluca, Mexico.  (28 February 2002)


"The Haefner Signature mouthpiece is definitely the best mouthpiece I have ever played.  The rim is comfortable, projection is easy without being bright, and the centering is unparalleled.  And the response is unbelievable.  I can play softer and with greater accuracy and security than with my old mouthpiece.  The design and workmanship are superior in quality to any other mouthpiece I have tried.  My words cannot do this mouthpiece justice.  You just have to try one."  Tim McFadden, Principal Trumpet, Tulsa Philharmonic. (28 February 2002)


"I've played the Haefner 1HX Signature model trumpet mouthpiece by GR Technologies for several months now as a member of the Tulsa Philharmonic.  For me personally, it has allowed me to think about playing my trumpet rather than getting distracted by the 'eternal' mouthpiece search.  I believe that if you will try one of Haefner's mouthpieces by GR, you will put your other trumpet mouthpieces away permanently.  Regardless of the size of the room or the style of music, I think you will like the consistently full sound and energy of these fine mouthpieces.  I urge you to try them."                       Robert Bailey, Ph.D., Trumpet Instructor, Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  (5 March 2002)


"The Haefner 1HX trumpet mouthpiece allows me to obtain an immense sound, with the additional advantage of an outstanding tone quality.   It is a total, great, round sound with beautiful tone color and timbre.  An additional advantage is that it is very easy to obtain direct and precise attacks!   The Haefner 7H*P piccolo trumpet mouthpiece provides an ample and open sound whether playing in A or Bb.  In addition, the high register is extraordinarily facilitated.  It is the perfect mouthpiece for piccolo trumpet!"  Pablo Martinez, Trumpet Instructor, Conservatoria de Musica, Vitoria - Gasteiz, Spain (12 April 2002)


"The Haefner 1HX Signature trumpet mouthpiece by GR Technologies is the finest orchestral set-up I have ever used.  Recommending a mouthpiece for someone is very peronal.  No one knows your playing like you, but I am confident Steve has a version you will want to try!  It has an effortless blow with an amazing degree of power and facility.  The quality of work is outstanding.  I had played the same mouthpiece for over twenty-five years, but since I was introduced to Gary Radtke's products, I have not looked back.  If you are a serious player, you need to know about these mouthpieces!  Douglas G. Wilson, DMA, Yamaha Artist and Clinician, Assistant Professor of Trumpet, Oral Roberts University Music Department, Tulsa, Oklahoma.  (17 June 2002)


"I play a 7HP piccolo trumpet mouthpiece designed by Steven Haefner and Gary Radtke.  If you are looking for a pic mouthpiece with an absolutely comfortable rim; if you're looking for a pic mouthpiece that throughout the entire horn, improves your range without sacrificing tone quality, then you must try one of these mouthpieces.  I believe, that with time, these mouthpieces will represent the standard by which all other piccolo trumpet mouthpieces will be measured.   You really need to try one!"  Robert Bailey, Ph.D., Third Trumpet, Tulsa Philharmonic, Assistant Professor Trumpet, Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  (21 June 2002)


"I want to begin by thanking Steve for taking the time, and of course the money, to take on a very serious task.  He took all of the classic mouthpiece configurations and set out to GR Technologies to have them improved and available for all the rest of us.  This is truly a gift to the world of trumpet players who have in the past spent thousands of dollars trying to get a rim, a cup, and a backbore to create the classic mouthpiece.  Often times, one or all of these components would not work and even if they did, we could not get a duplicate that worked equally as well.  And how were we going to help our students find a good mouthpiece, when we couldn't find one for ourselves?

Now all of the classic designs are available to us in a new and improved form with great sound, pitch, flexibility, and ease.  And now we can have our backup mouthpiece play exactly the as the one that you keep in your case.

I was very fortunate when I had the opportunity to try all of the Haefner piccolo mouthpieces.  They were all great, but the one I liked the most was the 7H*P.  It is a fabulous mouthpiece.  It has the most beautiful sound that you could get on a piccolo trumpet.  It has an ease of articulation that has no parallel and it also has wonderful intonation.  Again, these mouthpieces are a gift.  I played the Brandenburg with the Honolulu Symphony a couple of years ago.   Though the concerts went very well, I wish I had a mouthpiece like this one when I did those concerts.  I would not have been half as nervous if I had.  This mouthpiece is much easier to play than the one I was using at the time....and that was a good mouthpiece.

With the Haefner mouthpiece that I now have, I could have concentrated much more on making music.  Even though I was pleased with those concerts, I have to admit that I concentrated more on playing the trumpet than on the simple beauty of playing Bach.  I know the next time I have the opportunity to play Bach or anything on piccolo in fact, I will enjoy it much more on the musical level....mostly because the Haefner 7H*P is so easy to play."      Mike Zonshine, Principal Trumpet, Honolulu Symphony Orchestra. (22 July 2002)


"I send my hearty congratulations to Steve Haefner and Gary Radtke on their collaboration and production of some wonderful mouthpieces.  For a long time I had wished for the breadth of sound produced by a deep mouthpiece, however, I was typically unsatisfied with the soft response and clarity of articulation associated with a B cup.  The 1HC has allowed me to produce that wonderful sound while maintaining great soft control and brilliant clarity of articulation.  The 3HC works very well on my E and Eb/D trumpets without sacrificing a broad sound.   Both mouthpieces have a brilliant, crystal clear sound, with great forward projection and excellent intonation.  This being said, it must also be stated that these mouthpieces, particularly the 1HC, take considerable strength and some time to adjust to.  However, with the immediate benefits to sound and simple ease of production, they are well worth the initial effort."  Michael Arndt, Instructor of Trumpet, Middle Tennessee State University.  (10 January 2003)

"I first heard about these mouthpieces from Fred Powell, who was in mid-stride developing the new Conn Vintage One C trumpet.  He told me that it was a great match for these new horns.  I now play the Haefner 1HX on all of my horns, including my rotary.  After that tip from Fred, I contacted my old friend Steve Haefner and started asking all the typical questions.  Steve is a person whom I respect and trust.  He was so encouraging and informative that I made a commitment to fly from San Francisco to meet with Gary Radtke in Wisconsin.  After arriving at Gary's shop, I felt more and more confident as the day went on that I was going to leave with a piece that really matched my style and playing philosophies.   Gary was enthusiastic throughout the day, and his extensive knowledge of mouthpiece design was fascinating.  When it was all said and done, Steve's signature 1HX was, in my opinion, the most superior.  The 1HX has a comfortable rim that "sits well," and has a bite that not only facilitates nice and clear production of the mid and upper registers, but also allows you to articulate aggressively in the low range without losing focus.  Pitch and response are more slotted and natural than ever before.  But more than anything, I really love the sound that the 1HX allows me to produce.  Thank you Steve and Gary for the great work!"  Jeff Biancalana, Acting Second Trumpet, San Francisco Symphony.   (10 January 2003)

"The Haefner 3HC is a real brekthrough mouthpiece.  It produces a lively rich tone and offers great flexibility and ease of playing as well, due to its well thought-out design.  It is ideal for producing a robust symphonic sound with maximum endurance."  Mike Bucalo, Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra.  (15 January 2003)

"It has been my experience that for years, trumpeters have been complaining about a popular major manufacturers' mouthpieces in terms of quality and consistency.  For me the answer has arrived in the form of GR Technologies mouthpieces customized by Steve Haefner of the Tulsa Philharmonic.  I currently play the Haefner 1HC with a #3 backbore and a Haefner 7H*P piccolo trumpet mouthpiece.  As an orchestral and avid solo trumpeter, the 1HC has greatly improved intonation and articulation in my performing.  For those who are looking for a change in their standard mouthpiece equipment, I highly recommend the Haefner series mouthpieces by GR Technologies.  The answer has arrived."  Adrian Dwight Griffin, BM, BME, MM, Freelance Trumpeter, Former Third Trumpet, Kentucky Symphony.  (20 January 2003)

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