All Haefner trumpet mouthpieces are serial-numbered.                                              

                 Important Reasons to consider playing the Haefner 1HX Signature, the   Haefner 1HC and the Haefner 3HC trumpet mouthpieces!


The Haefner 1HX and the 1HC are now available with a GR number 3 backbore which provides a slightly darker sound and very slightly decreased resistance compared to the #24 backbore which is standard on the 1HX and 1HC.  This combination works very well for lower section players (second and third part) without sacrificing the upper range.


The 3HC is a true symphonic mouthpiece in spite of its slightly smaller (than the 1HX and 1HC) rim diameter.  It produces a very large volume of sound, along with the superior intonation and the stable, focused sound with a high energy level expected from Haefner mouthpieces.

The 1X Classic produces a darker sound than the 1HX and is recommended for players covering the lower parts, but still maintains superior energy in the upper range.  On the 1X Classic, the 27 throat is recommended for the Bb trumpet, and the 24 throat is recommended for the C trumpet, although either throat works well for most players.

A 3HC* is now available which is the Haefner 3HC on a GR blank, with a 3HC rim, a slightly modified throat entrance to provide slightly more resistance than the 3HC.

A 3MX is also now available which has a slightly modified Haefner 3HC rim on a GR blank with a GR MX cup.

A 3M is now available, which has a slightly modified 3HC rim on a GR M cup with a #2 backbore. 

The price for either the 3HC or the 1X Classic is $135 plus shipping and handling, and $110 for the 3M, 3HC* and the 3MX.


THe Haefner 1HXL (the 1HX rim with a lead-type cup), and 1HX/C (the 1HX rim with the 1HC cup) are now available.   Call for details.

A Haefner 1HX rim with the 1HC cup is now available.


For ordering information see below.


The price is currently $155 for the 1HX Signature Model with either the #24 or the #3 backbore, the 3HC, the 1X Classic, and the 1HC, (plus shipping and handling - see below). Please note:  Effective 1 March 2006 the price for the Haefner 1HX, 1HC, 1HXL, 1HX/C, 3HC, and all Haefner piccolo trumpet mouthpieces will increase to $175.  The price for the for the Haefner 3M, 3HC* and the 3MX will be $140.  Our last price increase was in June, 2003, and this is only the second price increase since production of our mouthpieces began in October 2001.

We are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  We would be glad to consult with you about the mouthpieces.  The 1HX Signature Model and the 1HC are normally available for immediate shipment (please e-mail or call to check availability); custom models are special-order and normally take 5 to 6 weeks depending on turn-around time from the plater.


We accept credit cards, a bank cashier's check, a U.S. Postal Service money order, or a personal check (make checks out to "TrumpetPro").  Shipping and handling in the U.S. is $8.00 for one mouthpiece (plus $1.00 for each additional mouthpiece).  We ship by Priority Mail, insured, unless other shipping arrangements are requested  (foreign shipping at additional cost).  Foreign orders must be paid in U.S. funds.   Send orders to:


c/o Bill Goswick

2790 East 45th Place

Tulsa, OK  74105.


Please provide your telephone numbers with your order in case we have any questions.  Orders using either a personal check or a bank cashier's check will require that the funds be actually credited to our account before the merchandise is shipped.

If you have questions or would like to have additional information about Haefner Mouthpieces, email us or call Steve at 918 298-1852 (residence), or 918 408-1038 (cell); or Bill at 918 742-6146 (residence), or 918 408-1040 (cell).  Please be aware that we both have many outside obligations.   If we are not available, please leave a message and we will return your call.

If you are interested in purchasing a Haefner trumpet mouthpiece, please e-mail us or call with the following information in order for us to assist you with obtaining a mouthpiece that will meet your expectations:   number of years that you have been playing trumpet, type of trumpet(s) that you are playing, type of mouthpiece(s) that you are playing, average number of hours that you play per week, a realistic assessment of your strengths and weaknesses as a player, and what you wish to achieve with a new mouthpiece.

e-mail to:   TRUMPETPRO

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See below for detailed information on the Haefner 1HX, compared to two of Gary Radtke's designs.